Custom Coaching

PresentWell is the custom coaching division of ChangeWell Training Academy for individuals and high performance teams.. 

If you have an idea or message that you want to deliver in a way that is powerful, persuasive, and memorable, this program is designed for you. We work with you to refine your message and polish your presentation skills. 


PresentWell PERSONAL

In-person or Remote Coaching

This program is for the individual who has to make an important presentation but lacks the critical feedback that can make it a success. You may feel you are too close to the content to assess strengths and weaknesses, too anxious about the outcome, or too unsure of what to say and do. We will:

  • Review your slide deck and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Help you create memorable opens and closes for your talk (the two most aspects of a presentation)
  • Train you to eliminate the quirks (both visual and auditory) that detract from the message
  • Get you confident in your delivery.

This is accomplished either through a series of in-person, or online Skype sessions. No matter your level of experience, if you want feedback and coaching prior to your presentation, this option is designed for you.

YES! I want to PresentWell.

Here's How It Works

Plan for Success

Let’s review your presentation, consider your audience, and establish your goals.

Optimize Content

We’ll suggest how you can improve your presentation, including content, sequencing, and visuals.

Private Coaching

You deliver your presentation live via Skype. We give you detailed performance notes and suggestions.

Post-game Analysis

Send us a video of your live talk. We’ll schedule a de-briefing call to discuss what worked and what you could improve.

PresentWell TEAM

Group Training

As a team leader, you understand the value of having your team be at their best in every presentation. This course can be delivered to either a cross-functional or departmental group. In either case, attendees are coached in delivering a company-specific message. The group interaction, coupled with ChangeWell coaching, results in breakthroughs in individual and team performance. This service can be customized to meet a wide variety of group sizes and organizational needs.

If you are a team leader and want to organize, energize, and motivate your team to carry your message effectively, this option is for you.

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