Why Your Prospects Can't Remember Your Message

Why Your Prospect Can't Remember Your Message by Robert John Hughes.

If your health care business is doing any kind of marketing, you definitely want it to be effective. So today, we’re going to discuss a design principle you can apply to any message that makes an offer – an e-mail, a print ad, a TV commercial, a web page, or a poster in your office.

There’s a classic marketing formula that describes – step by step – the process of getting a customer and making a sale. Attention – Interest – Desire – Action. It describes the process of getting a customer. We get their attention, arouse their interest, fan the flames of desire, and get them to take action. Like most formulas – easy to say – not so easy to do. Especially today.

Getting Attention is harder than ever. According to a Microsoft study the attention span of human beings has become dramatically shorter.  In the last few years, it’s gone from 12 seconds to eight seconds. It’s now shorter than the attention span of a goldfish. This means the very first thing your prospect sees or hears must get their attention.

Holding attention is also a challenge. When we get a new idea, the first place it goes in the brain is into working memory. And working memory’s capacity is limited to maybe 7 seven items, plus or minus 2… Each item in working memory may stay there for maybe 20 – 30 seconds.  This means, the more topics you throw at people – the less likely they are to remember any of them.

Before you approve your next marketing piece, ask this questions: As a result of seeing this, what do I want my prospect to think, feel, say or do?”

Instead of trying to get people to remember five things… get them to DO one thing. Call for an appointment, OR place an order, OR sign up for the newsletter. Pick one and tell them why life will be better if they do it. That will give your marketing a strong consumer focus and very likely improve its effectiveness.

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Robert John Hughes
Robert John Hughes is a Marketing Strategist, Brand Advocate and Media Business Entrepreneur. His expertise includes the fields of marketing, advertising, public relations, journalism, publishing and broadcasting. In addition to creating award winning content across multiple platforms, he has served as teacher, trainer, coach and mentor to well known business leaders and media personalities. Robert is Co-founder and Content Optimization at ChangeWell Training Academy. Learn more about, Robert.