Put a Human Face on Your Practice

3 Ways to Create The Welcome Video

If you want to convert more prospects into patients or clients, the best way to do this is video. Fortunately, it’s become so much easier to inexpensively create your own videos. In this three minute video, Dr. Tager will go over the three methods for crafting your Welcome video. These include:

  • Scripting and using a mobile App teleprompter
  • Being interviewed and editing your piece
  • Doing voice over slides with quality audio recording

In our workshops and training courses, we’ve found that almost all professionals can learn to read an iPad teleprompter script in about 45 minutes. We believe this is the best video communication method for several reasons. It allows you to make an efficient use of words and time. With a good script you won’t meander. Nor will  you make grammatical errors. In addition, you have the benefit of editing and refining your messaging so every word or phrase delivers meaning.

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