How to Change the World with Your Message

12 Days of Presence: Episode # 2

We believe you - yes, you - actually can change the world, but we know many people will never try.  That’s because many of us are naturally wired to think less of ourselves.  We know that we do good work, that we’re diligent and professional. But when it comes to having a larger impact, we worry that our message isn’t as credible or powerful as it could be. As a result, we may think that no one will take us seriously. So we hold back, robbing the world of what we could contribute and depriving ourselves of the satisfaction of having done so.

In today’s excerpt from our audiobook recording sessions, co-author Robert John Hughes reads from Chapter 6 of Enhance Your Presence entitled Tap into Your Passion, starting on page 145. This excerpt reveals the specific technique we teach that allows our students to instantly bring new energy, authenticity, and credibility to their presentations. Over and over, we have seen this technique produce a major shift that occurs in just a few minutes. When you see a human being come alive with energy, confidence, and joy, it’s truly life changing.

Watch the video in which Robert explains:

The first step to energizing your message is a searching and fearless gut check. Do you believe YOU? If you do not possess a rock solid, unshakeable belief in what you are saying, you will not be able to express the idea with passion. Without passion, you will probably not be taken seriously. So the first step toward a more authentic and passionate presentation is to lay down a rock solid foundation of belief that supports your idea. Then, frame that idea as a possibility for all people, a gift to humanity. When what you speak is already in the hearts of your listeners, they hear your idea as an echo of their own belief. You have inspired them. Your idea now belongs to them. This is one of the secrets of our greatest leaders. For more, see Chapter 6 in our book.

Enhance Your Presence is about how you can have more presence and a bigger impact on the world around you. We have balanced the philosophical concepts we teach with checklists of practical tips and techniques. We’ve refined and validated each of these through our work with participants in our live, one and two day Enhance Your Presence workshops. We believe our ideas are worthy, but their real power arises when people like you are able to use them to build a business, serve a customer, or even save a life.

Patrick Hanaway, MD Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine says:
“Mark and Robert provide a simple and effective framework for each of us to offer our gifts to the world. This book and its teachings remind me to open my heart and connect with my audience. Enhancing your presence is less about learning skills than it is about transformation. Read it, feel it, live it.”

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