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The minute you enter your office, meet with a prospect or client, or step “on stage” to deliver your thoughts and ideas, you must make a conscious choice. How big of an impression do I want to make? What feelings, thoughts and actions do I want to engender? How do I want to be remembered? …and for what?

Whether you are engaging with one or many, you have journeyed into the world of influence. Your tools on this journey are known as presentation skills. They are learned behaviors that you can cultivate and master. We’ve put together a handy 10- point presentation checklist, adopted from our Enhance Your Presence book.

The Path to a Great Presentation Poster

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Presentation Skills are Critical for Healthcare Practitioners

For healthcare professionals presentation skills takes on even greater significance. Your goal is to motivate, inspire, inform and support patients or clients to make breakthroughs in their health. This is no easy task.

Yet, for those practitioners who cultivate their presentation skills, in addition to “doing well”, they can also “do good,” in this case gain financial benefit. In a recent study of functional physicians, those who rated presentations as a “very effective patient recruiting method,” earned $28,750 a year more than their counterparts. [1]

Healthcare is still people-to-people business. Prospects are much more likely to go to a practitioner that they’ve seen in the flesh. Take every opportunity to hone your speaking, persuasion, and promotion skills. Venues include:

  1. Open houses at your practice (particularly for introduction of a new technology)
  2. Talks at local civic groups, community events, fitness clubs, religious centers
  3. Programs with professionals groups in which you are a member
  4. Video blogging
  5. Webinars

Want to Deepen Your Skills?

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[1] Functional Medicine Practices: Opportunities, Challenges and Emerging Trends, IFM 2016