20 Seconds to Better Outcomes

by Dr Mark Tager
CEO ChangeWell Training Academy
Course Director A4M Practice Enhancement Training

In every field, people who pay for services want results: more, better, and faster. In the field of healthcare, this is putting pressure on the insurance reimbursement model. It’s also impacting cash-pay practitioners who must meet and exceed customer expectations.

In this 2-minute video blog, Dr Mark Tager discusses a placebo study which focuses on delivering care with compassion. The study utilizes “sham acupuncture” as the placebo. In the treatment groups, needles are placed in random places, not aligning with the acupuncture meridians. Because it wasn’t “real” acupuncture, you might expect there would be “no results.” But surprisingly, that’s not what the study found.

To short circuit negative feedback, let us affirm that, for the more than 3 million Americans who receive acupuncture treatment each year, it has shown to be effective for pain and chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting, and well as adjunctive treatment for asthma, drug addiction, stroke rehabilitation, and other conditions.

The real news out of the study shows that a compassionate demeanor improves outcomes, even when no other therapeutic force is at work – as in this study where the acupuncture was a sham. This is remarkable because it means that we can improve the outcomes our patients and clients expect by emphasizing compassion, especially the technique of silent listening which takes only 20 seconds.

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