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Transforming Stress Into POWER!

For more than 15 years, ChangeWell Inc. has provided training, speaking and consulting programs that guide personal and organizational transformation. Our unique emphasis is rooted in the interconnectedness of health and productivity. We help leaders become more effective, employees more stress-resilient, and family members more interconnected. (More...)

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Leadership Case Study

Getting People Back on Track

A major healthcare system in the central U.S. experienced an abrupt upturn in employee assistance usage at a time of significant organizational turmoil. ChangeWell conducted the Leadership in Times of Stress and Change program for senior management and trained the organization’s inhouse trainers to deliver the program to all managers and supervisors. Employees were exposed to Building Resilience. EAP usage returned to normal.


Case Study

Stratifying Worksite CV Risk

Cleveland Heart Lab (CHL) provides advanced biomarkers to assess vascular inflammation. When the Company sought to enter the corporate marketplace ChangeWell team members created the outreach strategy, designed the educational materials, developed pilot clients, and are currently actively expanding CHL’s customer base.


Change Management Case Study

Downsizing with Dignity

When a leading pharmaceutical company decided to close one of its West Coast facilities, ChangeWell was brought in to conduct Resilience training for those employees who would soon be losing their jobs. Emotions ran high. Many employees had been with the company for years. We were able to provide the necessary skills to help those affected move more quickly through the stages of change and bounce back from the trauma.


Resilience Case Study

Strengthening the Sales Force

There’s more to great selling than just closing technique. There’s also the pressure to perform and the need to constantly deal with the challenges of winning and losing. This is especially so for the “big game hunters” who bring in significant revenue with consultative sales. For more than three years, ChangeWell has taught a quarterly program for the sales team of a major government contracting company. The program has consistently been rated among


Our beliefs and our programs recognize the interconnectedness of health and productivity



Learn the leadership skills to keep your people and yourself mentally tough and engaged when work and life get tougher. With these practical tools you and your company will thrive.



Learn how to get more patients, convert more consults, and build the ambassadors who will help build your business. By using the techniques in this book, you and your staff will deliver higher quality service and reap greater profits.



Use the PowerSource Profile to become more resilient, improve relationships, and plan for improved well-being. Available online in training and self-help versions. Ideal for use by wellness coaches, counselors and healthcare professionals.



The breakthrough book to understand how to mindfully address the challenges of life, control your nervous system, find meaning and purpose, and get along better with loved ones and co-workers.